Pierette – A piece of Heaven

More often than not when we devote our lives and our time to helping others we end up giving away so much of our heart. Some days the pieces we give away are kept and treasured and other days they are lost, trampled or broken. But we persevere and we continue to give to those whom we have been chosen to serve. As a Centre for infants it seems as though our hearts are split between two emotions; the happiness and joy of saving a life and providing a better alternative, and the mixed emotions of happiness and loss we feel when we see them leave us even though we know that they will be loved by their new family. Some situations are harder and some are easier and every single child is different and unique. I am about to share a story with you about a very precious girl. This story has taken a long time for me to write. At first I didn’t want to share it because I didn’t want to believe it was true, but then I realized that I had to share it, because my God is sovereign and righteous and perfect in everything that He does. And I trust that His plan and His ways are greater than our plans and our ways. So, here is the story of Pierette.

Barry and Aminata were two young teenagers; they had been seeing one another for a while. Aminata soon found out that she was expecting and she informed Barry. When their family’s found out that they were pregnant, there was only one thing to do, remove them from the family. It is unacceptable to have a child before marriage. Both of them knew this. Aminata lived with her sister and Barry with his parents. Aminata was quickly shunned by her family and Barry’s family didn’t want to hear about it at all so while Aminata was still pregnant they called the Centre and asked if they could give up their child when she was born. They could not risk being permanently banned from their family’s lives. Our Centre agreed, but we urged them to reconsider and to wait until she was born before they made their decision. However, they decided that they wanted to have their family’s approval more than they wanted to care for the child growing inside Aminata.

On November 18th 2013 Pierette was born to Aminata and Barry. A small, beautiful piece of heaven was brought into the world. The following day they called our Centre and asked if they could drop her off. We agreed and Pierette became apart of our lives. As time went on a family came along, one of our own workers, and decided that they would like to give Pierette a home and all the love they could. So we began the process of adoption for them. It was quickly turning into another beautiful adoption and Pierette would soon go home with her Mother and Father.

In August 2014 three of our children fell ill, Pierette was one of them. We called in the doctor and tests were done. It was determined that they all had Malaria and we began treating them immediately. Two of the children began to improve, but Pierette was not responding as well as the others. The doctor soon found out that she had a stomach infection. We continued to fight against the infection and malaria, and we did all we could to keep Pierette here with us. At midnight on the 27th Pierette’s condition worsened and the ladies drove to the doctor, however, despite all of our efforts, in the early hours on August 28th God took back the little piece of heaven He had given us. Pierette’s adoptive mother was with her that night and was with her when God took her home. Pierette was almost ten months old and was weeks away from going home with her forever family. The women gathered together, and spent the night in tears mourning the loss of Pierette. In the morning Pierette was buried.

We have now entered into the New Year, there will be new adoptions in 2015, new celebrations, new life, new sorrow, new trials but I know that our God will remain the same and will remain faithful to us. He has a plan for every child that He brings into our care, and His word says that He will provide for us all that we need. He provided life and safety for Pierette until she no longer needed it and He called her home. Pierette’s family was so close to taking her home, she had been chosen, a family had said yes to her and she was going home. The extended family was ready and everyone was awaiting the day that it would all be made official. One of the reasons this has been so hard for me to share is because I don’t know why God took her home. I don’t have an answer for that question. God does not have to explain Himself to us, and He has the right to do what He wants, and as believers we need to trust in his judgment. God chose to take our little girl home and He didn’t tell us why, but He has left a peace with us. It’s the same peace His son came to give us when He arrived all those years ago as an infant in a manger. It’s the peace that passes all understanding and the peace we can’t fathom. We mourn her loss, we mourn for her parent’s loss, and we will remember her, but is she not receiving the best love she could get? A perfect love. Her Heavenly Fathers love.

We love you Pierette.


11/19/13 – 08/28/14




Laurent’s Story

Our Centre has been so lucky, so many of our stories have happy endings, the children get adopted and well you know the rest … “Live happily ever after.” But sadly not every story has a happy ending. There are some stories that when you read the last word your heart is broken, they have the ability to leave you hopeless and feeling defeated. Laurent’s story is like that. I feel, however that Laurent deserves a happy ending and so I have decided that I am going to tell Laurent’s story in such a way that hopefully when you finish reading it you feel joy and not the despair that I was left with when I first read it.
Laurent was born to a Guinean woman in Conakry and for four months he lived with his mother. Laurent was not a healthy child though and this put a strain on his mother and the relationship she had with him. She wanted a child, but she wanted a healthy child, and Laurent had Muscular Hypotonia. Hypotonia, in an infant can result in the child being limp most of the time and can affect the child’s ability to eat – among other things. Laurent was extremely malnourished and his mother could see that he would not survive much longer in her care. So she made a plan, she still wanted a child but she just didn’t want the one she had.
So one morning she went to the “alley of the beggars” near the Faisal Mosque. She saw a blind woman with a young infant. She approached her; she began to talk to her and knew, that this was her moment. Laurent’s mother was quick and she made a switch. She took the blind woman’s healthy baby and left Laurent in its place. By the time the blind mother realized the child she had was not hers, Laurent’s mother was gone. The authorities became involved at that moment, and soon after Laurent found his way to the Source of Life Centre.

Someone asked me the other day, “Why would a woman do that?” My reply was that people want the things they do not have and some people are so desperate to have their ‘wants’ met, that they will go to extreme measures to get them. In the bible we see the story of the woman who rolled onto her baby while she slept and killed it. She too, switched her child; she took her roommates living child and in its place laid her dead child. The second mother in that story also noticed that her child had been taken from her and they eventually took their argument before the King. In the end the love of the 2nd mother saved the living child and the infant was returned to the rightful mother. Sadly the blind mother in our story has never again held her own child, and Laurent never again saw his mother.

Laurent was very malnourished because of his disorder and we sought medical treatment for him immediately. Our Centre fought hard for Laurent’s life, but in the end he was too weak and we were unable to keep him in this world. I used to think that there was nothing good about this story, two mothers lost their children and Laurent lost his life and the second chance he was given. But, there is something beautiful about this ending, Laurent is in a better place and that place is with his true Father. I know that Laurent is no longer held back by his disorder and he is free. There is no pain where he is. I believe that God adopted Laurent in a very literal sense; he took him home. He did more for Laurent in that moment then we ever would have been able to do for him here at the Source of Life Infant Rescue Centre.


Micah and Manassa’s Story

Sometimes there are circumstances outside of our control and questions that go unanswered. On September 8th 2011 the Centre was introduced to twins! They were two weeks old, and they were alone. There are a lot of questions around the abandonment of these boys. This is the story that we were given.
It was a Thursday morning and Esther was working in the market. A young woman came up to her and asked her to watch her two boys while she used the latrine. Esther agreed, and the mother ran off to use the latrine. But she never returned. Hours passed and no one came to claim the two young boys left in the sellers care. After having waited hours Esther began to search the market for the boys mother but she could not find her. Esther could not take the children so she contacted the authorities that in turn contacted Child Protection. This is when Source of Life came onto the scene. Source of Life went and picked up the children and the twins were registered as the 7th and 8th children to be given to the Centre. Their names are Micah and Manassa.
What happened to their mother? Did she mean to abandon them? What were her circumstances that led her to that moment of desperation, if in fact she did mean to abandon them? These are questions that we will ever know the answers to. Of course we can speculate, and come up with our own conclusions. We have assumed that she intentionally abandoned them that day at the market. But even still so many questions remain unanswered.
There are many reasons why a woman may abandon her child here in Guinea, and we would like to give you some of those reasons to help you understand the plight of women in this country.
Women are seen as objects and not given the dignity to be treated as capable, but only as useful tools. Many women who abandon their children have had children outside of wedlock and there is little to no acceptance for this in Guinea so in order to regain favour in the eyes of their family and community they abandon the child, and therefore have discarded the proof of their discretion. We saw this in the story of Hadassah. Many men in Guinea have multiple wives and if the wife’s children are not cared for by the husband then she may abandon them so that she does become a burden to her husband, or because there is no way that she can care for the child/ children. If a woman comes into a marriage with a child the husband will sometimes refuse to support the child and this can cause trouble for the woman. She will have to work to support her child/ children. There are other reasons for abandonment as well, perhaps her husband has left her and a newborn or young child is too much for her to bear on her own, or perhaps her child has a disability or is sick and she cannot care for his/her needs. These are the main reasons why a woman might abandon her child.
Micah and Manassa, regardless of the real reasons, were abandoned. They began life at the Centre at only two weeks old, and stayed there until they were adopted in 2013 by a wonderful couple in the United States. We are so grateful that we were able to provide a safe place for them until their parents were able to come and take them home.


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The Stories of our Children:Hadassah’s Story

If your family had left you, thrown you to the side and rejected you, what would you be willing to give up to have them back? Sylla was willing to give up her child.

At the age of 20 Sylla still attended school and was in grade 8. She became pregnant outside of wedlock and because of this her family rejected her. After the birth of her daughter she moved to Conakry to live with her older brother. She met a man soon after her arrival and moved in with him. However, Sylla was still not rescued from her despair, this man began to abuse her and the home that should have been a refuge became unsafe. A local radio station, Radio Renaissance FM, was advertising the Source of Life Rescue Centre. This Centre took young infants and toddlers and could take her child from her. This could solve her problems. Her family would never accept the child, so she decided to give her daughter to the Centre. With tears rolling down her face Sylla made the trip to the Centre. She shared with the director her bitter story and told them that all she wanted was to be reconciled with her family.  On September 9th 2011 Sylla officially ‘abandoned’ her 5-month-old daughter Hadassah. Hadassah became the 9th child to be abandoned at the Centre.

This is not the end of Hadassah’s story. God had a plan for Hadassah the same way he had a plan for His son. Did you know that Jesus was adopted? Joseph ‘adopted’ Christ as his own son. God had planned this, planned that his own Son would have an earthly father. Moses was also adopted. By none other then the Egyptian princess, who by God’s divine plan found him in a basket and saved him. Moses was not abandoned, but chosen to save his people through God’s marvelous plan. Eli fostered Samuel. Samuel was not abandoned, he was called by God. Hadassah was not abandoned but instead she was chosen a long time ago to be apart of a very special family. Hadassah was adopted in May of 2013 to a wonderful family in Canada. Her family currently lives overseas as missionaries and Ambassadors for Christ.

rebecca 02-01-2012 (1)

“The Stories of our Children” will become a regular part of this blog as we strive to bring Glory to God by sharing with you the marvelous things that He has done. This was our first story, stay tuned for more.


Welcome to our new blog. We want to enable you, our supporters and followers, to see inside life at the Centre and we pray and hope that this is one way we can do that. The Centre currently has twelve children. Our youngest baby is 3 ½ months old and the oldest is 2 ½ years. In the last month three children have had adoptions finalized and have gone home to be with their families, one in Canada, one in the United States and one in Guinea. Many remaining children in the Centre are in the midst of adoptions yet there are still others waiting for a family and we pray that they find families soon.We have added some links to this blog. Please feel free to check them out and spread the word.

This is our first post on our brand new blog and we would like to acknowledge a woman who made the Centre all possible. That woman is Colette Baudais; Colette has worked tirelessly to create a safe environment for these children. She has moved the Centre to a safer location and not only moved the Centre but herself as well to ensure that she would always be able to make time for the babies and workers. Colette runs a Radio station, a women’s ministry organization and is also very involved with a local church in Guinea. Yet she still makes time to spend with the toddlers, caring for them and spending quality one on one time with them whenever she can.
A few years ago Colette came face to face with the issue of child abandonment in Guinea. A woman came into the radio station and insisted that someone take her child. She was informed that no one was able to take her child. Her reply was that if they refused to take help her then her baby would be abandoned on the streets. A woman at the station came forward and took the child home. This is when Colette knew that she and to step in and try to make a difference. Colette has admitted that the road has not always been easy and there have been times when fear and doubt have found their way into situations. However, through it all she has persevered, and has followed her heavenly Father.
So today we thank God for Colette, we thank God for the woman that she is and the voice that she is for these children.

God bless you Colette.



Pure and undefiled religion before our God is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world. James 1:27